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Renewal by Andersen® Window Replacement & Patio Door Installation in White Rock, BC

At Renewal by Andersen, we offer White Rock residents professional window replacement and door installation services near Vancouver. From consultation to installation, our Certified Master Installers go above and beyond to ensure that every step of the process is tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. Explore Renewal by Andersen Signature Service today!

Renewal by Andersen® Signature Service

Superior product.

Discover the innovation behind our windows, made from cutting-edge composite materials. Enjoy expansive, energy-saving glass and sleek, narrow frames that elevate your home’s aesthetics.

Hassle free process.

Collaborate with our experienced experts who will navigate you through the complete process of window and door replacement. Experience our streamlined, full-service process that guarantees a smooth and transparent experience from start to finish.

Unrivalled beauty.

Work with Renewal by Andersen designers to craft your dream window or patio door. Dive into our extensive selection of styles and customization features to achieve a flawless fit for your home’s design.

Long term value.

Have confidence in the durability of our windows, designed to withstand harsh climates for decades while maintaining their beauty and functionality. Take advantage of our all-inclusive warranty that covers glass, Fibrex® material, and labor costs.

4-Step Process

Design Consultation

Meet with our designers to create the perfect replacement window or door for your home in White Rock. With over 50 custom options, you can upgrade your home with a custom window that complements your style.

Project Planning

Our trained project managers focus on precision, taking meticulous measurements to ensure your windows or doors fit flawlessly. Master craftsmen build each window and door by hand to guarantee they align with your chosen customizations.


Experience peace of mind as our Certified Master Installers and proficient crew take extra precautions to safeguard your home furnishings and flooring from any debris or potential damage. Trust in our proven installation methodology that guarantees consistent, high-quality results with each project.

Customer Care

Experience continuous support from our specialized customer care team, available to assist you during the installation process and long after it’s completed. Whether you’re seeking advice on upkeep, clarity on warranty terms, or further insights into your window and door replacements, our committed team is always at your service.

Our Products

Replacement Windows in White Rock

Homeowners in your community turn to Renewal by Andersen for all-inclusive window replacement services. Enhance your home’s ambiance with our customizable replacement windows, designed to complement effortlessly with your current architectural style. We present a diverse selection of seven window types, all of which come with extensive customization features. Opt for your preferred colors, hardware finishes, and grille configurations to make the windows truly your own. Get started with your home’s transformation when you set up a free, no-obligation design consultation with us today.

Awning Windows

Discover the versatility of our awning windows, designed with a top hinge and a broad base, complemented by an easy-to-use crank mechanism. Ideal for enhancing ventilation, these windows are perfect for strategic locations like above your kitchen counter, letting in fresh air as you cook or clean.

Bay & Bow Windows

Transform your living space with the architectural beauty of bay and bow windows. Comprising multiple interconnected window units, these windows add depth and a panoramic view to any room. Enhance their utility by adding built-in seating or storage, turning them into functional focal points.

Casement Windows

Experience the best of both worlds with our casement windows, combining energy efficiency with ease of use. These windows come with a crank handle for effortless opening and closing, and they seal tightly when shut, keeping your home comfortable in all seasons.

Sliding Windows

Maximize your living space in White Rock, BC, with our sleek and efficient sliding windows. Perfect for rooms where space is at a premium, these windows, also known as gliding windows, slide effortlessly along a horizontal track, offering easy operation and effective ventilation.

Double Hung Windows

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our double hung windows, tailored for White Rock homeowners. This enduring design allows you to open either the top or bottom sash for versatile ventilation options. A secure interlocking system at the midpoint ensures reliable and safe functionality.

Picture Windows

Elevate the aesthetic of your White Rock home with our striking picture windows. These fixed windows act as a beautiful centrepiece, boosting energy efficiency while flooding your interior with abundant natural light, perfect for capturing the scenic beauty of British Columbia.

Specialty Windows

Let your imagination run wild with our specialty windows, designed to meet the unique architectural needs of White Rock residences. Available in an array of custom shapes and sizes, these windows can be combined with other styles to create a dynamic and eye-catching window arrangement.

Patio Doors

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with Renewal by Andersen patio doors, specifically designed for White Rock homeowners. We offer three distinct styles: contemporary sliding patio doors for a modern, streamlined look; French sliding patio doors that combine the elegance of French design with the convenience of sliding functionality; and French hinged patio doors for a classic, grand entrance. Each style comes with energy-efficient features, durable materials, and a range of customisable options to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic. Experience a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces while enjoying enhanced security and energy efficiency.

Sliding Glass Patio Door

Contemporary Sliding Patio Doors from Renewal by Andersen offer White Rock homeowners a sleek and modern solution for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. These doors are designed with expansive glass panes that not only provide unobstructed views but also flood your living area with natural light. The sliding mechanism is engineered for smooth, effortless operation, allowing you to open and close the door with just a light touch. Made with energy-efficient materials, these doors help to maintain your home’s internal temperature, effectively reducing heating and cooling costs.

French Sliding Patio Door

Unlike traditional French doors that swing open, these slide smoothly along a track, making them an excellent choice for spaces where a swinging door might be impractical. These doors feature wide glass panels framed by intricate detailing, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. The sliding design also allows for easy operation, requiring just a gentle push to open or close. Energy-efficient glass and high-quality sealing systems ensure that your home stays comfortable year-round, helping you save on energy costs.

French Hinged Patio Door

Hinged French doors swing open, creating a grand and inviting entrance to your outdoor space. Crafted with energy-efficient materials, the doors feature a tight seal that helps to maintain indoor temperature, reducing energy costs. The robust construction, including multiple locking points, ensures enhanced security for your home. With a variety of customisable options, such as grille patterns, hardware finishes, and interior and exterior colours, you can tailor these doors to perfectly complement your home’s design. Ideal for homes with spacious patios or decks.

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Proudly Serving White Rock, BC, and the Surrounding Areas Near Vancouver, BC

Discover the Renewal by Andersen difference today and elevate your home’s comfort, beauty, and energy efficiency. From our exceptional Fibrex® material windows to our range of stylish patio and entry doors, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of White Rock homeowners. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your living space with style and functionality. Schedule your free design consultation or call Renewal by Andersen Vancouver now to embark on your home improvement journey.

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Renewal by Andersen Signature Fibrex® Material

Fibrex® material consists of 40% recycled wood, making this composite material twice as strong as standard vinyl windows.
With twice the strength of vinyl windows, our master craftsmen can build narrower window frames that hold larger panes of glass.
Fibrex® material never requires painting and will not crack, pit, corrode or rot.
Twenty years after installation, test results show that our windows stand the test of time.

Get in Touch with Us

Call Renewal by Andersen in Vancouver, British Columbia to schedule your in-home consultation today. Our professionals are committed to simplifying every step of the process, so you can enjoy your new home improvement sooner than you think. Contact us to learn more about our hassle-free, 4-step process.

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